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Top 10 Reasons to have Us Represent You, the Buyer

Understanding our Value to You and Your Family  - Review our Buyers Agreement

#1 Accurate Valuations and Research.  (Avoid Overpaying and Unforeseen Issues.)

#2 The Seller's Representative Will be Representing the Seller's Interest Only.

#3 We are Professionals who Safeguard Your Interests.

#4 We have a Deep Understanding of the Current Markets to Share.

#5 We Prepare Offer Contracts and Provide Offer Techniques and Suggestions.

#6 We Provide Contract Negotiations Skills and Strategies.

#7 We Manage, Nurture, and Facilitate the Entire Transaction Process.

#8 We Monitor the Appraisal Process, Inspections, Needed Repairs, & Disputes.

#9 We Monitor Title and Lien Searches Plus Manage and Provide Escrow Services.

#10 We are Your Guiding Hand to Closing, While Managing Pre & Post Closing Issues.

Some questions:

  • Will you pay too much? 

  • Will you lose the house by under bidding?

  • What if there are multiple buyers?  How do you compete?

  • Can you include an escalation clause?  Are there favorites?

  • Are you buying someone else's headache?

  • Will your closing costs be fair? 

  • Will your issues and disputes be resolved before closing? 

  • Will you even get all the way to a closing? 

  • Will you have an escrow monies dispute? 

  • Will you get full disclosure of known issues? 

  • Is there a solar loan that passes to the homeowner? 

  • Who holds your escrow monies? 

  • Will your inspector be thorough?

  • Are there suits pending in the neighborhood?

  • Is the HOA solvent?

  • What are the HOA fees?

  • Is there an initial Cap fee to join the HOA?

  • When was the last HOA reserve test?

  • Is the home subject to assessments?  Government?  HOA?

  • Are there any undisclosed easements?

  • What about insurance?

  • Does high insurance take you out of your financing ratios?

  • Will that require a larger downpayment?

  • Could you lose your escrow deposit if you fail to close?

Real Estate transactions are complicated, emotional, and large investments that need a competent professional to negotiate and provide guidance to achieve a successful outcome.   


We can be your trusted, experienced Realtor.  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty and The IslePointe Group have an enormous amount of resources and experience to support and guide you through the maze of buying real estate for investment or family.  Put us on your team!

Review our Buyers Agreement

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